About Us

The Team

Led by an experienced team of academics and operators

Tobias Konitzer
Founder & CEO

Tobi has a Ph.D. from Stanford University and has a background in researching public opinion at the forefront of Machine Learning, leveraging a plethora of disparate data streams including everything from cell-phone telemetry data to survey data to behavioral news consumption data.

David Rothschild
Chief Scientist

David has a Ph.D. in applied economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written extensively, in both the academic and popular press. His work pushes the boundaries on varying data and methods: polling, prediction markets, social media and online data, and large behavioral and administrative data.

Aaron Schein
Senior Research Scientist

Aaron is a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University's Data Science Institute. His research contributes to Bayesian statistics and causal inference, as well as to core areas of computational social science such as text, network, and time-series analysis.

Giovanna Fernandes
Senior Data Scientist

Giovanna is a Data Scientist switching careers after several years in Communications. She is a graduate from Flatiron School Data Science Bootcamp and has written on a variety of Data Science topics for Towards Data Science, The Startup, and Level Up Coding.

Richard Purcell
VP Business Development

There are at least two experiences that led Richard to join Ocurate: Selling affiliate marketing technology at Performance Horizon (now Partnerize), and his tenure at Hustle where he led efforts to expand tech used for political campaigns into new commercial markets.

Anand Sharma
Head of Operations

Anand is a start-up specialist with 17 years of cross geographic experience working with numerous start-ups to mature setups in the US and India. He has expertise in building an ecosystem for companies and has successfully hired, coordinated, and proactively managed various remote teams in strategizing and executing business operations.

The Advisors

Mark Brenner
Advisory Board WEST CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Brenner was co-founder and CEO of Prevue/TV Guide Interactive, the market-leading interactive television program guide reaching over 40 million homes; TVG, the first on-line and television wagering network currently handling over $2 billion in transactions.

Nikhil Garg
Senior Advisor Data Science

Nikhil recently graduated with a Ph.D. from Stanford University and is a researcher at the intersection of computer science, economics, and operations. He has worked extensively as a data scientist with several online marketplaces and civic engagement platforms, including on the design of the survey and rating systems, surge pricing, and how to vote on budgets.

Whitney Sales
Advisory Board Managing Partner Forum Ventures

Whitney has 10+ years of startup sales experience and is the founder of The Sales Method, a consultancy that helps startups identify target markets, build successful sales teams and quickly get products to market.