How Event Ticketing Platform, SI Tickets by Sports Illustrated, Identified High-Value Leads to Unlock Unseen Revenue Growth


Higher # of Orders from High-Value Leads


Higher average order value


Higher total order value


in projected revenue from high LTV Lead

The Challenge

SI Tickets launched in June 2021 with a strong offering of flat fee ticket purchasing. Upon launching, they received waves of people on their website to check out local events. Once on the website, a pop-up collected email addresses and mobile numbers in exchange for a promotion. SI Tickets quickly amassed a large pool of email subscribers and sent everyone the same email and the same incentive to encourage a ticket purchase. SI TIckets wanted to maximize its marketing budget by more accurately targeting a high-value audience that would stay longer and buy more.


WhenMass Sends Don’t Always Convert

SI Tickets has a robust understanding of consumer interests post-purchase but had challenges in identifying specific interests along with potential value to be earned pre-purchase. By sending the same emails to their entire audience along with a weekly specific email, SI Tickets didn’t feel they were capitalizing on the audience they had built and began looking for a better solution to guide their communications and drive more valuable conversions.

Ocurate: Predictive Analytics for Identifying High-ValueLeads

Not all leads are created equal. Knowing which leads to prioritize prior to the first purchase allows companies to put their budget to its best use and work on converting customers who will be around for the long haul.


By using a predictive analytics tool, SI Tickets was able to get the predicted lifetime value of their leads, making it super simple to segment those leads into campaigns based on their potential value. This allowed SI Tickets to maximize profitability without wasting resources on leads who were never going to purchase or were of a low-value.

The Results

63% Higher # of Orders from High-Value Leads
192% Higher average order value
375% Higher total order value

$432K in projected revenue from high LTV Leads

In their first campaign, SI Tickets ran an A/B email test that targeted Ocurate’s predicted high-value leads against a standard audience.


After two weeks, the results were analyzed and Ocurate’s predicted high-value audience performed exponentially better than the standard audience. The high-value leads brought in 63% more orders and those orders had a 375% higher order value. Ultimately, Ocurate was able to identify$432k in additional predicted revenue, over the next 6 months, from high-value leads that SI Tickets could tap into with specific efforts.


Their next test will be centered around learning what specific outreach drives more engagement and purchases from this high-value audience.

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