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Build customer journeys tailored to your most valuable customers.

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How one subscription service increased gross profits with Ocurate

One subscription service faced high monthly churn and sent the same promo to every customer. They didn’t understand who their profitable customers were and couldn’t identify them individually. Using LTV information from Ocurate, they increase gross profits by 3% in just one campaign.

How They Did It
How one subscription service increased gross profits with Ocurate

Identify, retain, and grow your
highest-value customers

Ocurate is the company consumer brands rely on to build a powerful advantage. With actionable insights and 90%+ predictive accuracy, Ocurate helps you tailor your activities to your most valuable customer, with a proven ROI for your bottom line.

Grow customer loyalty even as behaviors shift

30% of Americans have changed shopping habits and brands since 2020. Understanding and marketing to your most profitable customers will help you bolster and maintain loyalty. The clear ROI? A sustainable business and robust profits.

6 Ways to Build Loyalty
Grow customer loyalty even as behaviors shift

The Ocurate Insights

Ocurate’s database and machine learning model enable us to look at your customer data and predict your highest-value customers. We also build out your ideal customer profile, which identifies specific attitudes and behaviors that allow your brand to target those most likely to do business with you long-term.

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