The savviest eCommerce brands know they need to get more creative to improve margins and build relationships with customers.

Mass blasts just won't produce the same results anymore.

A catered approach meets the customer where they are and allows for increased engagement.

With that in mind, we believe in powering segmentation using churn probability & growth potential (predicted LTV).

By following this method, Sports Illustrated Tickets (SITIX) ran A/B tests targeting their high-value customers vs. a general group of medium and low-value customers. 

The results were extremely telling in the two campaigns tested and supported the belief that not all customers respond the same based on their value and where they are in their journey. 

Lead conversion campaign: People who signed up for the brand’s email subscriber list, but have not made a purchase yet (leads)

- 63% more tickets purchased
- 192% higher average ticket value

Reactivation campaign: People who have not made a second purchase in the last six months (lapsed customers) 

- 235% more tickets sold
- 285% higher total ticket value

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