Most eCommerce brands recommend the same product to everyone which is not optimized for what matters most in this economic climate - profit margin.  

Yet it usually takes months to measure the profit margin after a change in products.

Ocurate turns profit margin into a short-term metric.


How eSalon ($50M Beauty brand) knows the right products to send to the right customers:

1. Identified customers with the highest revenue potential with 90% accuracy

2. Insights recommended that adding tint rinse hair spray to the first purchase maximizes revenue for high-value customers

3. To prove (or disprove) this hypothesis, they tested sending Ocurate’s recommended product bundle only to customers with the highest revenue potential after the first purchase

It would normally take eSalon 6 months to know what products move the needle for the best customers, but now they can have conclusive results in less than four weeks. 

Result:More profitable revenue, quicker. Faster (and smarter) decision-making.

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