Mission Statement

Ocurate harnesses data to help progressive leaders understand the value & affinity of their customers or constituents. Progressive to us is leadership that wants to make the world a better place, be it in politics or in the consumer product space. Ocurate aids in that mission by helping build and maintain a strong connection between constituents and product and/or platform. We have enumerated a set of core values that (a) we strive to adhere to at Ocurate when building out, and hiring in light of, company culture; and (b) are influencing our decisions as to what entities we are working with, or forming any kind of allegiance with:

  1. Inclusivity: Ocurate has its origins in fighting for a more equitable democracy. Ocurate will not work with any entity that does not strive to serve an inclusive customer base, or builds a platform that excludes demographic or geographic segments from participation intentionally and by design (i.e. not through circumstance).

  2. Hippocratic Oath: Ocurate will not pursue relationships with entities that intentionally and by design (i.e. not through circumstance) are hurting people economically, mentally, or physically.

  3. Democracy: Neither will Ocurate pursue relationships with entities that are participating in, are interested in, or have promoted alternative means of governing, especially those dis-enfranchising some segment of the population from the political process.

  4. Reasonable Association: Ocurate recognizes that companies have a diverse mix of stakeholders. Ocurate assesses companies it pursues relationships with, not people. From time to time, companies Ocurate seeks to work with may employ people with     beliefs in contradiction to our core values, or that are perceived to be in contradiction to our core values. Ocurate will not base its decision whether to pursue a business relationship with the entity in question on these individuals, as long as such beliefs held by these employees have no bearing on the respective companies’ goals, values and culture writ large.    

Our purpose readily translates into a set of principles central to the work culture at Ocurate:

  1. Positive Work Environment: Ocurate will never offer employment to any individual believed to hold values contradicting Ocurate core values.

  2. Empathy: Ocurate employees treat each other with empathy above all else. Ocurate employees have different personal backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. All of these are valued and deeply respected.

  3. Agora: Ocurate strives to minimize hierarchy in communication structures. All opinions carry weight, and we value an environment in which all employees can voice opinions to any stakeholder, at any time.

  4. Work and Life: We know that making the world a better place starts at home, and Ocurate values private/personal life. That means that Ocurate employees have full flexibility regarding when work gets done, as long as no hard commitments are impacted. This specifically means that Ocurate entrusts its employees to take time off work when needed, for example to attend family events or     spend time with family, or for personal time.

  5. Growth: Ocurate promotes a growth mindset mentality. Given the sophistication of Ocurate operations, employees will frequently be confronted with challenging material, situations, or problems to solve. Ocurate takes encouraging employees to     master challenges seriously, and it is paramount to the company to provide     all resources necessary in that regard. At the same time, Ocurate expects from all employees to face challenges head-on, and collaboratively, in lieu of avoidance.