Put Your Marketing Dollars Where They’ll Have the Most Impact

Ocurate’s predictive lifetime value helps pet care brands identify, attract, and retain their most valuable customers.

Marketing just not performing?

Are your emails left unopened more frequently than your competitors? Are you paying too much for social ads that don’t convert? It’s not the algorithm: It’s your targeting. If you market to people who aren’t your most profitable customers, that can lose you money not just in marketing dollars, but in revenue.

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Slice of the pet market

Identify your slice of the growing pet care market

Pet care market share is growing by billions of dollars every year, opening up huge opportunities for your business. Getting new customers is important, but getting the right kind of customers is vital. Ocurate pinpoints the kinds of people (beyond just dog or cat) who are your most profitable customers so you can strategically attract and convert them.

Retain the customers you have and watch your profits soar

A pet care subscription brand faced high monthly churn. Sending the same promo to every customer was not an effective retention strategy, and they didn’t understand who their highest value customers were.

With the insight Ocurate provided into those customers’ attitudes and behaviors, the pet care brand crafted and executed specific data-based retention strategies.

The result? A 3% increase in gross profits—from just one retention campaign.

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Marketing Dog Food

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Understanding your most profitable customers can help you develop and sell additional services that enhance your value. Using information from Ocurate, our customers easily triple their reactivation and upselling conversion rates