Privacy Policy

Ocurate data is a combination of public domain administrative data, consensual, first-party survey data and telemetry data as well as Machine Learning algorithms. Ocurate does not actively source passively tracked data.

All our data providers are CCPA compliant. While Ocurate uses down-stream data of CCPA-compliant partners, and all other Ocurate data is either first party data (e.g. survey data collection) or public record/administrative data, we still offer an opt-out mechanism regarding an individual’s inclusion in the Ocurate database. If you are interested in such opt-out, email privacy@ocurate.com

Ocurate is not subject to GDPR because

  • Ocurate is not established in the GDPR Region: Ocurate offices are all in the USA.
  • Ocurate is neither active in, nor has clients that are legally registered in the GDPR Region