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Ocurate has built ML for real-time LTV to unlock a number of powerful applications for sophisticated D2C ecommerce brands:

(1) Optimizing paid media on RLTV:CAC

(2) Value-based Optimization (VBO). VBO means pushing RLTV back to acquisition platforms to allow them set bids based on the Lifetime Value of each new customer automatically.
The result: better customers acquired at much less spend, automatically and consistently.

(3) Establishing a universal KPI to run experiments faster with more substantial results
real-time LTV is our proprietary deep ML + event stream data to predict the future revenue of every prospect/customer at any given point in the customer journey, even before the first purchase occurs, updating in real time.

My background: PhD in computational Social Science from Stanford, and experience in Ad optimization ML at Facebook Research.

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  • Increase the number of customers that spend 16x more
  • Increase the LTV of current customers
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