The Ultimate Guide to Drive Profitability Using LTV
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Real-Time LTV for value-based optimization (VBO)

Using Ocurate's real-time LTV, we have built technology to increase the ROI of Google/Facebook/TikTok acquisition campaigns by 10%+.

Over the last years, Google, Facebook, and TikTok have built out capabilities to submit different bids for each prospect via their ad APIs.

With real-time LTV, we can now leverage this technology to optimize our clients’ Google/Facebook customer acquisition campaigns on customer LTV vs. first purchase only: Value-based optimization (VBO).

Our average lift in LTV across our clients is 10%. 

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What is VBO?

VBO is technology for submitting individual bids for impressions in real time, based on customer value. This allows consumer-facing companies to acquire more valuable customers at less spend, and increase their LTV:CAC by 10%+

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What do you need VBO for?

VBO is made possible by three pieces of technology Ocurate has built:

(1) Curated streams of website behavior data related to LTV for each client, collected by Ocurate’s Ocuboost™ automatically and fully anonymized

(2) LTV predictions in real time based on this engagement and sales data with 90%+ accuracy for every individual

(3) Real-time Integration into ad APIs through the click IDs, collected by Ocuboost™

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How can Ocurate prove the ROI?

Ocurate proves ROI through a matched market test. We split part of an existing campaign that generates sufficient conversions into treatment and control arm alongside regions that perform similarly on all relevant metrics. The control is set up as an exact replica of the existing campaign, and the treatment arm will move bidding strategy and conversion action to LTV. Our KPI is the difference in LTV:CAC

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Unlock Top-Line Growth by Taking Action on LTV


Prioritize your conversion campaigns to focus on leads who will spend the most after conversion.


With Ocurate's customer-level churn metrics, you know which customers are worth retaining and winning back and which ones are not.

Predict Lifetime Value for Every Individual

Purchase history is in the past. Your growth and success is defined by the future with predicted LTV for every customer and lead.

Lifetime Value Just Got Upgraded with Revenue Upside

All customers are valuable, but they aren't equal in how much additional revenue they can generate for you. Find out who your most valuable customers are.

Strategically Grow Your Business

You have a 50-50 chance of accurately predicting your customers’ LTV where it matters most. Are you willing to wager your company's strategy on a coin toss?  

Learn how Ocurate can equip you to make better business decisions today.

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