The Ultimate Guide to Drive Profitability Using LTV
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Harness the Potential of Your Most Valuable Customers

Ocurate operationalizes LTV for eCommerce brands by optimizing customer acquisition, retention, product, and UX for the best customers

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What is Ocurate?

Ocurate is predictive analytics without the black box that will endure in a cookie-less world. Ocurate offers a proven, transparent path to growing profitability by increasing the number of your high LTV customers and increasing the LTV of your existing customers.

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Moveable Lever: Offer

Moveable Lever: Offer


  • Identified high-value customers at risk of churn with 90% accuracy
  • Insights recommended their high-value customers were not impulse buyers
  • To prove (or disprove) this hypothesis, the brand tested sending an email with a dog treat vs. a 10% off promo to a high-value subscriber that was at risk of churn.
  • They found that engaging with the free gift retained more high-value subscribers.
  • Scaling these incentives increased the LTV of high-value customers by 12% in less than 3 months.
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Moveable Lever: Product

Moveable Lever: Product


• Identified customers with the highest revenue potential with 90% accuracy

• Insights recommended that adding tint rinse hair spray to the first purchase maximizes revenue for high-value customers

• To prove (or disprove) this hypothesis, they tested sending Ocurate’s recommended product bundle only to customers with the highest revenue potential after the first purchase

• It would normally take eSalon 6 months to know what products improve profit margin, but now they can have conclusive results in less than four weeks.

• Result: More profitable revenue, quicker. Faster (and smarter) decision-making.

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Moveable Lever: Audience

Moveable Lever: Audience


  • Segmented audience of lapsed customers and email subscribers by “high growth potential” and “low churn”
  • 235% more tickets sold
  • 285% higher total ticket value
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Customers Love Ocurate

Ed Bailey
CTO, Good Clean Love

"Ocurate is paying off and will continue to over the next two quarters – and the next two years,” said Ed Bailey of Good Clean Love. “A third of my marketing budget was reallocated toward the predicted most valuable customers. The results have shown astounding ROI already. I cannot believe how much we wasted on people who never intended to buy. We couldn’t decipher who could and would be the right client for us without it."

Josh Tepper
GM, Bally's

"This is fantastic, this is exactly what I think we've been missing for a long time and it's going to help us minimize our spends, it's going to help us be more targeted in our marketing, in our partnerships, and everything else we do"

Steve Simitzis
CTO, Wild Earth

"With Ocurate, we easily identified high-value customers at risk of churn. By creating a custom campaign, we were able to reduce the churn rate of this audience by 16%. Not only were Ocurate’s predictive analytics accurate, but we were able to quickly see meaningful business impact. "

Andrew Grant
VP Growth

“I am bullish on Ocurate’s ability to help us focus on the right customer based on their superior data and AI tied to predicted value. Initial tests have shown a much smaller error in Ocurate's model compared to our existing solution.“

Increasing the number of High LTV customers is the holy grail for B2C brands

For most B2C companies, 80% of revenue is generated by only 20% of customers

Mathematically, this means high value customers deliver 16 times more revenue than regular customer

Optimizing all moveable levers for the best customers means increasing the number of high value customers and increasing the LTV of existing customers

Increasing the LTV of existing customers by 5% and increasing the number of high value customers by 5 points means a revenue increase of 25+%

How Ocurate increases the number of High LTV customers

Ocurate predicts LTV with 90%+ accuracy validated against each brand’s customer data during deployment

Based on the LTV predictions, Ocurate makes recommendations via a superior testing framework to optimize the business for High Value customer across: Acquisition channel mix, landing pages, product configuration, pricing, offers, audiences and user experience

At the core of the solution is Ocurate's custom profile of event stream data powering our LTV AI

The result: More profitable revenue, quicker

The power behind Ocurate’s solution:

Unlock Top-Line Growth by Taking Action on LTV


Prioritize your conversion campaigns to focus on leads who will spend the most after conversion.


With Ocurate's customer-level churn metrics, you know which customers are worth retaining and winning back and which ones are not.

Predict Lifetime Value for Every Individual

Purchase history is in the past. Your growth and success is defined by the future with predicted LTV for every customer and lead.

Lifetime Value Just Got Upgraded with Revenue Upside

All customers are valuable, but they aren't equal in how much additional revenue they can generate for you. Find out who your most valuable customers are.

Strategically Grow Your Business

You have a 50-50 chance of accurately predicting your customers’ LTV where it matters most. Are you willing to wager your company's strategy on a coin toss?  

Learn how Ocurate can equip you to make better business decisions today.

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Implementation is easy


Ocurate integrates with your current marketing stack via API, for example with Klaviyo, to combine existing customer data with its proprietary database


Once Ocurate's AI is deployed, actionable insights are available immediately


No black box, but transparency: Dedicated scientists help you translate the AI into revenue-increasing strategies

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