Harness the potential of your most valuable customers

Ocurate is the predictive analytics solution for B2C brands looking to increase revenue. Predict LTV, churn and revenue upside with 90% accuracy.

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Taking action on LTV fuels more profitable growth




• Real LTV prediction accuracy 89%

• 16% decrease in the churn of high LTV customers

• $32/12% increase of LTV on average for a segment of high LTV customers

• $221,705 projected savings from this campaign for the full year

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Win Back

Win Back

Direct to Consumer

• Real LTV prediction accuracy 95%

• 3x higher conversion rate targeting the most profitable customers

• $110K increase in gross profit

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  • Real LTV prediction accuracy 89%
  • 16% decrease in the churn of high LTV customer
  • $32/12% increase of LTV on average for a segment of high LTV customer
  • $221,705 projected savings from this campaign
Read Their Success

Correctly identifying high-value customers is critical to your business

For most B2C companies, 20% of their best customers generate 80% of the revenue.

This means: high value customers contribute around 16 times gross profit.

Missing out on 5 percentage points of high LTV customers results in 15% less revenue.

With greater accuracy comes greater profitability

Customer data and Ocurate's database results in 90%+ accuracy in predictions.

Ocurate is the only platform to identify customers with the highest revenue upside.

Support smart segmentation with LTV, churn and revenue upside predictions.

Ocurate is the only predictive analytics solution to combine a unique, proprietary, first-party database on 290m adult Americans with your customer data to deliver predictions with over 90% accuracy

The power behind Ocurate’s solution:

Ocurate database on 290 Million Adult Americans

Ocurate's founders have built a proprietary, privacy-first database of demographics, attitudes and behaviors of 290 million Americans over a five year period.

Brand's customer data on transactions & product usage

Ocurate matches a consumer brand’s own customer data to Ocurate’s database seamlessly, with record match rates.

Deep ML models trained on Ocurate data + customer data

AI and machine learning models continuously learn what behaviors, attitudes, and demographics drive the greatest value and then assign predicted values to current and future customers.

Unlock Top-Line Growth by Taking Action on LTV


Prioritize your conversion campaigns to focus on leads who will spend the most after conversion.


With Ocurate's customer-level churn metrics, you know which customers are worth retaining and winning back and which ones are not.

Predict Lifetime Value for Every Individual

Purchase history is in the past. Your growth and success is defined by the future with predicted LTV for every customer and lead.

Lifetime Value Just Got Upgraded with Revenue Upside

All customers are valuable, but they aren't equal in how much additional revenue they can generate for you. Find out who your most valuable customers are.

Strategically Grow Your Business

You have a 50-50 chance of accurately predicting your customers’ LTV where it matters most. Are you willing to wager your company's strategy on a coin toss?  

Learn how Ocurate can equip you to make better business decisions today.

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Implementation is easy


Ocurate integrates with your current marketing stack via API, for example with Klaviyo, to combine existing customer data with its proprietary database.


Once Ocurate's ML models are deployed, actionable insights are available immediately.

Customers Love Ocurate

Andrew Grant
VP Growth at eSalon

“Ocurate technology helps us focus on the right customer based on their superior data and ML. Initial tests have shown a much smaller error in Ocurate’s model compared to our existing solution.”

Steve Simitzis
CTO WildEarth

"With Ocurate, we easily identified high-value customers at risk of churn. By creating a custom campaign, we were able to reduce our churn rate of this audience by 16%. Not only were Ocurate’s predictive analytics accurate, but we were able to quickly see meaningful business impact.”

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