Media spend optimization based on real-time LTV with Good Clean Love

The Challenge

Good Clean Love is a company in the women’s health space trying to optimize its ad spend based on customer value. They realized that by only looking at the first purchase, they were missing out on the full potential of high-value customers.

ROAS optimization and results

Ocurate predicts sales in real-time and before a transaction with 90% accuracy, allowing Good Clean Love to evaluate media channels and campaigns against the most important key performance indicator: LTV.

Ocurate's insights helped the brand divest from low-performing customers, campaigns, and channels, accounting for 30% of its budget. They reallocated those investments to ads with higher predicted LTV.

The results: In less than six months, Good Clean Love increased the customer value by 19%.

  • Achieved result: 19% increase in customer value
  • Significance: 19% increase in first year gross profit from customer acquisition
  • Overall revenue impact: $150K Increase in annualized revenue from $1M to $1.15M

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